A small company who had grown quickly and desperately needed to relocate to a larger office, Evolve Retail asked ConsultART to organise the entire office move.

This involved liaison with the obvious (removal companies), in addition to cabling suppliers, setting up a network (both wired and wireless), installation of climate control hardware, decorating the space in appropriate colours, organising the purchase of additional furniture, creating and agreeing a floor plan, and physically moving some of the more fragile equipment. We also organised security passes, cleaning services and disposed of unneeded equipment from the old premises.

The office move took place over a weekend, and it was essentially plug-and-play, with the staff leaving on the Friday evening having packed their final desk items into crates, and arriving on Monday morning with computers, monitors and cabling all ready for them to start work.

Minimal break in productivity, and all staff very pleased with the new vibrant office space.

Thanks for all your hard work organising a brilliant and seamless office move.

Joe Hurd, Project Manager