The Board at Essential Christian (at the time known as Memralife Group) had been informed by their IT team that there were some issues causing problems in the main elements of their data flows, storage and processes, which involved data sets from an external supplier.

One of the ConsultART team travelled down to the South East of the UK to meet with all the key people at Essential Christian’s Group Head Office, and spent a day gathering information.

After a discussion with other external experts (we don’t know everything about everything, and are happy to ask for insight!), ConsultART provided a written recommendation on the most pragmatic way forward, which took into account and highlighted any critical issues and dependencies.

In this case, Essential Christian had the right team of people in their organisation already to carry out the work, and years later the work has been done and the organisation continues to improve in effectiveness and efficiency.

I’ve just read your report and it feels to me we have a way forward, which will involve real commitment of time, but not £000s.

Ian Macdowell, Head of Operations